Tuesday, September 3, 2019

South African Presido Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday tok say justification no dey for citizens of South Africa to dey destroy di property of foreign pipo wey dey di kontri.
Oga Ramaphosa tok dis one for video wen im release for im official Twitter handle. E tok say im go do security meeting wit im ministers to see how dem fit resolve di wahala.


Oga Ramaphosa also add say he don ask di Minister of Police to go areas wia di tin dey hot so dem fit prevent am from spreading.
President Buhari don send pipo to South African President Ramaphosa to tok about im concerns over di attacks for Johannesburg and other cities.
Hash tag '#saynotoxenophobia' na im still dey trend around di world dis afternoon for social media
Pipo dey use di hash tag tok about di way attackers dey show foreigners pepper inside South Africa.
Nigeria foreign Minister don demand make Nigeria police send some of officers to go tanda for South Africa sake of di Xenophobia mata.
Oga Geoffrey Onyeama tell tori pipo say im don summon di South African High Commissioner to Nigeria.


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