Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Di five pipo wey get moni pass for Nigeria fit end poverty for di kontri, one new report by UK charity Oxfam tok.
For report wey dem release on Tuesday dem say di three richest men for di continent get moni pass di 650 million pipo wey poor pass for di continent.
Di report wey dem call A Tale of Two Continents show how poverty wey dey go up and inequality across Africa no dey help di fight to end poverty.

Di report reveal say while di richest Africans moni dey increase, extreme poverty dey rise for di continent.
"Di continent dey fast become di centre of global extreme poverty. While di number of pipo wey dey live on less than $1.90 a day don go down for Asia, di number dey rise for Africa," di report tok.
Madam for Oxfam, Winnie Byanyima, tok say: "Africa dey ready to rise - but only wen e leaders get di mind to support more human economy wey go work for many and not a few super-rich men", she tok.

Di report do ranking of wetin African kontris dey do to end inequality. Dem score South Africa and Namibia first and second while Nigeria carri last both for Africa and di world.
Oda things wey dey di report na say:
  • Di most unequal kontri for di region na Swaziland wia one billionaire, Nathan Kirsh, wey fit get reach $4.9 billion go take 5.7 million years to earn im current wealth if im work as waiter for one of im restaurants
  • Seventy-five percent of African multi-millionaires and billionaires moni fit dey offshore. Dat dey make di continent fit lose up to $14 billion everi year for tax dem no dey collect.
  • Moni wey kontris dey owe dey affect wetin dem fit spend. For 2018, Angola spend 57% of goment moni to pay debt while dem cut public spending by 19% between 2016 and 2018. Di same thing happun for Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon and Mozambique.


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